Any occasion can be celebrated with one of our udderlicious ice cream cakes.

And now you can create your own Simmos ice cream cake to match the occasion. Simply decide on your three favourite ice cream flavours, we then layer them together, add in our udderly famous full-cream ice cream and decorate it with chunky honeycomb, choc malt balls and fresh cream. It is then your choice if you would like the centre filled with chocolate and caramel sauces, or special words to personalise your cake.

A new addition to our ice cream cake family is a Simmos Scoop Cake. These bright and colourful cakes are popular as wedding cakes and now are available for any occasion. Just like all our ice cream cakes, you simply select your three favourite flavours and we layer them together. We then top them with scoops of the brightest ice creams from our selection. This is an awesome way to enjoy even more Simmos flavours.

Please note, due to unprecedented staff shortages we may require up to 5 days to make your custom creation.

Need a Simmos ice cream cake in a hurry? Or can’t decide on a flavour combination? Well never fear, there is (usually) a Simmos favourite combination available at short notice. One of our favourites is Cookies n Cream, Burnt Caramel and Choc Trio, a sure winner! And all you need to do is call us to reserve one and have it freshly decorated for you.

Order your personalised ice cream cake from Simmos Dunsborough:

Step 1 – Decide on your three favourite flavours

Step 2 – What size

Small – 19cm round – up to 10 serves
Regular – 21cm round – up to 20 serves
Large – 23cm round – up to 30 serves

Step 3 – Simply call us on 9755 3745 to place your order

Please note this is for Simmos Dunsborough only and that we need minimum 2-3 days notice to make your personalised ice cream cake with your combination of flavours. For other locations, please contact the store direct.



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